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Topics of Interest

The conference committee invites submissions of applied or theoretical research as well as of application-oriented papers on all the topics of KSEM. Topics include, but are not limited to the following:

Knowledge Science

 Knowledge representation and reasoning

 Logics of knowledge; formal analysis of knowledge; reasoning about knowledge

 Knowledge complexity and knowledge metrics

 Common sense knowledge; non-monotonic reasoning

  Uncertainty in knowledge (randomness, fuzziness, roughness, vagueness)

 Machine learning

 Formal ontologies

 Integration of machine learning and knowledge representation

 Reasoning about knowledge in the presence of inconsistency, incompleteness and context-dependency

 Belief revision and updates

 Cognitive foundations of knowledge

 Knowledge in complex systems (e.g. economical and quantum systems)

 Game-theoretical aspects of knowledge; knowledge in multi-agent systems

Knowledge Engineering

 Knowledge extraction from texts/big data/Web

 Knowledge discovery from very large databases

 Knowledge integration

 Knowledge-based software engineering

 Knowledge-based systems in life sciences

 Conceptual modelling in knowledge-based systems

 Semantic database systems

 Semantic Web: Content and ontological engineering

 Knowledge engineering applications

Knowledge Management

 Knowledge creation and acquisition

 Knowledge verification and validation

 Knowledge dissemination

 Knowledge management systems

 Knowledge and data integration

 Knowledge adaptation

 Knowledge management best practices and applications

Knowledge Graphs

 Probabilistic Knowledge Graphs

 Knowledge graph construction

 Knowledge graph query

 Knowledge graph storage, query and management

 Learning on knowledge graphs

 Knowledge graph embedding

 Knowledge graph completion

 Knowledge graph link prediction

 Knowledge graph applications


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